Eclipse Phase - Be All that End All

The Beginning

Where Dreams Come True

On the transport vessel to Parvarti, the players reluctantly introduce themselves. Lincoln was the first to break the ice by offering a handshake with one of his tentacles to Curtis. As Curtis introduced himself, Lincoln backed away, perhaps due to Curtis’s strange manneurisms when speaking. Everyone else introduced themselves, except for a quiet female in a Ghost morph.

The ship arrived at it’s destination and the six of them were greeted by the head of security for Parvarti. He informs them that Ms. Chatterjee was indisposed of and would like to speak to them about the job in his office.

Upon arrival, they are told that Ms. Chatterjee has been missing for 2 days. The group is then tasked to find her and other missing people that she was investigating. The only clues the security officer could give was that she was investigating morphs that were exhibiting signs of a strange bump protruding from their foreheads and that she was last seen heading to a sleeving facility.

The six of them set off to find the sleeving facility. Doing research, they come across a facility known as ‘The Pink Sleeve’. A single worker is there and greets them. After being questioned, he leads them downstairs to three morphs that Dwala was investigating. The worker also gives them the shipping manifesto and a video feed of the direction where Dwala was heading. The three morphs came from Dai Khan Enterprises, and she headed towards that direction.

Research on Dai Khan revealed there were only 3 employees that worked there: Hellen Alvarez, Dario Silvestri, and Landon Markus. Their contact information and locations were easily found. A group message to the three of them regarding the location of Dwala was sent. Two of them responded saying they didn’t see her, the other, Hellen, didn’t respond. The party left to Hellen’s apartment.

The Hush Apartments, the cheapest of the cheap apartments and certainly looks the part, was where Hellen resides. A knock at her apartment door gives no answer. Once someone yelled out her name, she finally responded. She wanted to know what the six wanted of her. She seemed nervous and was very reluctant to give out information. Researching Hellen actions further showed various correspondences with the Nine Lives, a criminal organization, about selling forks of children to them. When questioned about this, she was more willing to give out information. She had not seen Dwala and said she was on her day off when Dwala came to Dai Khan. Hellen doesn’t know much about her other two co-workers, other than that Landon moonlights as a wrestler and Dario is an avid gambler. The group search out Landon.

The many clubs of Parvarti always seems to be busy, day and night. The one Landon was currently located at was no different. Standing in front of the club were two people in Bouncer morphs. They did not want to let the party into the club. When Landon’s name was mentioned, they decided to contact him. After a few minutes, Landon comes out and asks what the group wants. He says he is very busy and is up next. After questioning, he explains he’ll answer whatever they want after the match and brings them inside.

Shortly after entering, Landon was informed that his opponent was a no show. Worried about losing his cut for the night, he tried to convince someone from the group to get in the ring with him. After some debate, Curtis was eventually forced into playing along. Landon and Curtis went to their dressing rooms to change. The rest of the group went to have a good time and place bets. Lincoln placed a bet of 1,000 credits on Landon, and unbeknownst to the others, Curtis put 100 credits on Landon.

Entering the ring, bright lights were shown at the contestants, then throughout the ring. The crowd was cheering, the music was pumping. Curtis and Landon just watched each other until the bell rang. The two of them went after each other, barely able to grapple one another. Landon, eventually, was able to grapple Curtis to the ground. At this point, the crowd got too wild and people were throwing their refreshments at the ring. One even hit Curtis square in the head. Before the referee could count to three, Curtis managed to get out of the grapple. Then he went back in to pin Landon down, and somehow, managed to get Landon pinned to the floor of the arena.



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